The bicycle path adjoining the Navicelli Canal is about 17 km long. It follows the waterway in its entirety and it is totally flat; the starting section is an asphalt road, then it continues on an unpaved but smooth road, far from the traffic and the city confusion. The bicycle path starts in Via di Viaccia, just after the bridge of Porta a Mare, and it ends near Calambrone.
Along the path there are benches and tables where you can stop by to eat or rest as well as road signs providing information about the route. During the excursion, you can admire the naturalistic view offered by the area that surrounds the Canal in line with the varied range of plants and animals of the Migliarino S. Rossore Park. In some areas, for example by the lakes, you can admire a variety of birds including grey and black herons, several passerines, kingfishers and hawks. Among the mammalians, you can also catch sight of fallow deers, wild boars and foxes.

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