Nowadays, the Navicelli Canal is 17 km long, 33 m wide and 3 m deep: the shipyards situated on its banks use the Canal to introduce the boats in the sea and to get in the boats which need repairs and refitting. Inside the shipyards is where steel boats and yachts of more than 40 m long and resin boats between 25 and 40 m long are constructed, fitted out and motorized. The boats exceeding a certain dimension and weight are drawn along the canal by tugs, while lighters, also drawn by tugs, are used to remedy the problem of the limited 3 m draught. This network consisting of the port, the canal and the proximity to the sea, offers great opportunities both for the production and for the transport of the large-sized boats and for their maintenance and laying-up.

Specifications of the Canal and the Dockyard of Pisa
Length (m) Width (m) Depth (m)
Canal 17.000 33 3
Darsena Pisana 200 70 3
Numbers (of the area)
  • 21 companies settled along the Navicelli Canal
  • About 500 workers and employees
  • 1000 engineers and non-resident workers
  • Overall turnover: 160 million euros
Sviluppo Navicelli S.p.A. 480.000 mq
Dockyard of Pisa (CNA) 56.000 mq
“I Navicelli” Authority 70.000 mq
Shipbuilding industry area 270.000 mq
Logistics area 40.000 mq
Offices/Labs/Services area 125.000 mq
Ikea 33.600 mq
Bridges elevation

CAUTION: please, take into account that elevation measures refer to the average sea level. There might probably be some water level variations (± 40 cm) due to the ebb and flow of the tides.

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